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10 Celebrities Who Babysat Other Celebrities

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 01 Jun 2018 05:14 AM / No Comments / 41 views

Hollywood is very intertwined and a place where the six degrees of separation is no joke. Over the years, celebrities from singers to television and movie stars have revealed their surprising connections to others in the industry that fans had no idea about. From unexpected friendships to going to school together to knowing each other well before fame, lots of celebrities have had some interaction that may seem surprising! Some of the most surprising are stars that babysat other celebrities, sometimes before they became famous themselves! Here are 10 celebrities who babysat other stars:

10. Wayne Gretzky and Robin Thicke

Wayne Gretzky really can do anything, and when he wasn’t bust being one of hockey’s most iconic players, he would babysit a young Robin Thicke. After becoming close with actor Alan Thicke, Gretzky and his wife Janet agreed to house sit for Thicke and also watch his then 11-year-old son, Robin, while Alan was in Norway with his other son Brennan. Unfortunately, the babysitting job was cut short because Gretzky was actually sitting on Thicke’s couch when he got the call that he had been traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles on August 9, 1988. “I called from Norway because I picked up the Oslo morning paper and saw pictures of Gretzky — but I couldn’t understand the text, of course. And I thought maybe there had been a fire, a mudslide, a drive-by shooting, who knows? So I called home, and I learned Wayne left early in the morning; he got traded last night. He got the call at about 9 p.m., and he was gone by 6 the next morning. So we had to find a substitute nanny instantly, which is not as bad as what Edmonton had to find to replace him,” Thicke explained in a 2012 interview with Sportsnet.

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9. Alice Cooper and Keanu Reeves

Being one of the world’s biggest rockstars didn’t stop Alice Cooper from helping out a friend which meant he occasionally babysat a very young Keanu Reeves many years ago. As it turns out, Reeves’ mother Patricia worked as a costume designer for Cooper, and she would ask Cooper to look after her son and his friend from time to time. Although many would think having Alice Cooper as a babysitter would be the highlight of any childhood, Reeves barely remembers it. “I grew up in Toronto and I lived on this street called Hazelton and there was a recording studio (near) there called Nimbus 9 and my mother was in costume design, she was in rock ’n’ roll, in the business, and they had friends and she had friends, and so Alice Cooper – I’m told – babysat me. I don’t know how that could possibly happen, but it did,” he told Jimmy Fallon.

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