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10 Most Expensive Pieces of Clothing You Can Buy Online Right Now (And the Least Expensive)

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 11 May 2018 05:57 AM / No Comments / 73 views

Below, you will find the single most expensive item currently available for purchase at each of 10 top luxury designer e-tailers. You’ll also find the least expensive item. Just for contrast. Why did we create this list? Because! That’s why! Now sit back, relax, and let the strangeness of a store that sells Hello Kitty socks and jeweled Valentino gowns wash over you.

1. Moda Operandi
Most Expensive: Diane Kruger’s blue mullet gown from this year’s Met Gala for $37,995.

(Moda Operandi)

Balloon-Sleeved Bell-Shaped Gown PRABAL GURUNG (Available at Moda Operandi), $37,995

Least Expensive: These white cotton briefs with big Fs on the waistband for $45.

(Moda Operandi)

Garcon Cheeky Briefs, FLEUR DU MAL (Available at Moda Operandi), $45

2. Net-a-Porter
Most Expensive: This pink 1940s-inspired Gucci dress for $25,000. Very “Wallace Simpson at the disco,” don’t you think?


Least Expensive: This plain white T-shirt for $20. You can never have too many plain white T-shirts.


3. Matches Fashion
Most Expensive: a floor length mink bath robe for $21,380. Ok, it’s not really a bathrobe, but nothing says “money” like five-figure fur loungewear.

(Matches Fashion)

Freda Mink Fur Coat, BROCK COLLECTION (Available at Matches Fashion), $21,380

Least Expensive: These basic white ankle socks for $9. So basic.

(Matches Fashion)

Stretch Cotton Ankle Socks, FALKE (Available at Matches Fashion), $9

4. Luisa Via Roma
Most Expensive: This Julien Macdonald naked dress for $33,712. Aren’t naked dresses over yet? Oh god, please, let them be over already!

(Luisa Via Roma)

Beaded Fishnet Bustier Gown, JULIEN MACDONALD (Available at Luisa Via Roma), $33,712

Least Expensive: The opposite of a naked dress, a striped athletic sock, for $16.

(Luisa Via Roma)

Logo Cotton-Blend Socks, CHAMPION (Available at Luisa Via Roma), $16

5. Italist
Most Expensive: This maxi dress which may or may not expose your left nipple, while definitely exposing your hoo-ha for $19,253.


Silk and Tulle Embroidered Dress, VALENTINO (Available at Italist), $19,253

Least Expensive: A pair of Hello Kitty socks for $12 that were absolutely made to be worn with your new Valentino dress.


Hello Kitty Cotton Socks, GCDS (Available at Italist), $12

6. FarFetch
Most Expensive: This Gucci fur jacket that looks like a knockoff, but it totally legit because that is Gucci’s thing now for $38,000.


Fur Jacket With Double G Logo, GUCCI (Available at FarFetch), $38,000

Least Expensive: More socks. This time in a 3-pack! Only $11.

(Far Fetch)

Pack of Three No-Show Socks, NIKE (Available at FarFetch), $11

7. Yoox
Most Expensive: This McQueen dress that was originally $20,298 but is currently on sale for a mere $14,411. Bargain!


Formal Dress, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (Available at Yoox), $14,411

Least Expensive: These baggy, saggy shorts the color of chilled margarine for $17. They too are on sale, if you can believe it. You can totally believe it.


Shorts, JCOLOR (Available at Yoox), $17

Most Expensive: This funky Gucci jacket, which is perfect for Coachella, which was last month, but whatever! It’s $6,495.


Red Oversized Tie-Dye Corduroy “Blind for Love” Jacket, GUCCI (Available at SSENSE), $6,495

Least Expensive: These pink Calvin Klein briefs for $20.


Pink Modern Cotton Bikini Briefs, CALVIN KLEIN (Available at SSENSE), $20

9. My Theresa
Most Expensive: This trippy embellished Gucci gown for $20,000. There is so much Gucci on this list, right?

(My Theresa)

Embellished Tulle Gown, GUCCI (Available at My Theresa), $20,000

Least Expensive: This frumpy Calvin Klein Jeans dress that is definitely not a super-depressing way to spend $119. Nope, not at all. Not even a little bit.

(My Theresa)

Floral Dress, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS (Available at My Theresa), $119

10. Stylebop
Most Expensive: This slaughterhouse raincoat from Calvin Klein’s address collection, because we can’t just call it “Calvin Klein”  or even “Calvin Klein Collection” anymore. Ugh! Either way, the point is it’s $6,940.


Printed Leather Coat, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC (Available at Stylebop), $6,940

Least Expensive: This basic white cotton cami, which seems as good a place to stop as any, for $28.


Cotton Camisole, AMERICAN VINTAGE (Available at Stylebop), $28

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