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11 Real Housewives Who Married Pro Athletes

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 13 May 2018 08:47 AM / No Comments / 37 views

There seems to be a common thread among many of the Real Housewives cast members when it comes to significant others. Many of the women are married to professional athletes, whether it be baseball, basketball or football. Not all of these women still star on their respective show, and many of these couples are no longer an item. Here’s a list of all the Real Housewives who are, or were at one point, married to professional athletes!

11. Robyn and Juan Dixon

The Real Housewives of Potomac‘s Robyn Dixon has a rather unique relationship with her ex-husband, Juan Dixon, who is a retired NBA player. Robyn and Juan are high school sweethearts who got married before he became a professional basketball player. Even though the couple are now divorced, they continue to live under the same roof and co-parent their two children as if they were still married. The state of their relationship has been a constant topic on the show, with many people questioning whether or not they will move forward with reconciling, or finally go their separate ways.


10. Kathryn Edwards and Donnie Edwards

She only lasted for one season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it was long enough for fans to fall in love with her hot husband, Donnie Edwards! Both Kathryn and Donnie Edwards share a love for sports, but Donnie is the one who formerly played in the NFL, first for the San Diego Chargers, and later the Kansas City Chiefs in 2003. Kathryn was previously married to NFL Hall of Famer, Marcus Allen.