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12 Awesome Shows With The Worst Final Seasons

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 11 Mar 2018 16:02 PM / No Comments / 30 views

Even the best of shows can have a weak season, but what about the shows that let their fans down by ending with a really terrible season? We’ve collected a list of 12 shows that had unforgivably bad final seasons. Given how good the rest of the seasons were, this really shouldn’t have happened!

12. Weeds

Weeds really could have ended at the end of season three when Agrestic burned to the ground, but instead it managed to go on for another five seasons. While season four was much darker than season one through three, it still had the same humor, but that changed with season five. The humor was gone; the storylines were ridiculous; and some really great characters just disappeared. While season five, six, and seven weren’t that great, season eight was by far the worst. Many of the episodes were forgettable and then the finale tried to wrap things up by giving fans a happy ending that they didn’t really want.

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11. True Blood

When True Blood first premiered in 2008, there was nothing like it on TV. It was considered, sexy and witty and received positive reviews for the first five seasons. However, after showrunner Alan Ball left the series after season five, something changed. The quality of the scripts, production values, and even the acting seemed to go downhill and this was especially apparent during the show’s seventh and final season. Ending the show with Jessica and Hoyt getting married, Bill dead, and Sookie pregnant and married to some everyday guy made it seem like the writers were trying to tie up loose ends and it just didn’t jive with viewers.

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