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12 Celebrities Who Hate Taking Pictures With Fans

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 10 Mar 2018 21:44 PM / No Comments / 25 views

Being a celebrity isn’t always as easy as it seems, and even the most easy-going and approachable stars get fed up with the constant onslaught of attention from fans, especially when they are out just trying to run an errand or get some food. While these stars appreciate their fans, many of them have made it clear they are not happy about the rise of the selfie and everyone trying to snap a quick picture with them. Here are 12 celebrities who hate taking pictures with fans or outright refuse to:

12. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is not shy about taking a selfie and even sharing scandalous pictures with fans, so it is very surprising that she is not fond of taking photos with people! “I get embarrassed to take pictures. That’s actually the truth. I’m so embarrassed, because people are taking pictures of me, and I just don’t know how to — I don’t know how to smile and just be awkward, so I stick my tongue out, because I don’t know what else to do,”she explained.

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11. Amy Poehler

When she isn’t on-screen, Amy Poehler is fairly elusive so it isn’t too shocking that she has a dislike for taking a selfie or photo and it isn’t just limited to fans. The actress once told Paper magazine that “the amount of Instagram selfies is out-of-control.” She explained that she values her privacy and does not like the narcissism and nature of taking a selfie at every moment. “The idea of, ‘This is my face and everyone needs to see it all the time,’ is so far from the privacy that people used to seek,” she said. Poehler added she doesn’t tolerate the behavior even from her friends. “If I’m hanging out with a friend, and they take a picture of me, it’s like, ‘Ugh.’ I mean, I hate looking at pictures of myself. It immediately takes me out of the experience.”

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