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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Roseanne Barr

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Roseanne Barr has been in the entertainment industry for decades and has become one of the most loved and most controversial stars out there. From her comedy to her everyday life, there is never any telling exactly what she is going to say or do and a surprise seems to be around every corner for the star. While she has lived her life in the spotlight for quite some time, there is a still a lot that many don’t know about her and as audiences get prepared to welcome Roseanne back with the Roseanne revival series, they are going to be seeing more of the star than ever! Check out 12 things you probably didn’t know about Roseanne Barr:

12. Beginning Her Career

At 18, Barr left home by telling her parents she was going to visit a friend in Colorado for a few weeks, but actually never returned home. While in Colorado, she pursued her comedy dream and began doing small stand-up shows at local bars. It didn’t take long for her “domestic goddess” routine to become one of the most popular stand-up comedian gigs around and she soon caught the interest of many others in the industry. Her career really took off in 1985 after she made her first appearance on The Tonight Show, the following year she appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and was promptly awarded the American Comedy Award for funniest female performer in a television special.

Source: PBS

11. Tumultuous Relationship with Her Parents

Although she officially left home at 18, Roseanne Barr has opened up about the difficult childhood and tumultuous relationship that she had with her parents. Back in 1991, she shocked everyone however when she appeared at the Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Denver and announced, “My name is Roseanne, and I am an incest survivor.” The event was organized by the Survivors United Network and it was a shock for the star to be there and come forward with her story. She gave a 30-minute speech in which she said she had been sexually abused during her childhood but repressed the memories until an incident triggered them to come back. After extensive therapy, the star said, ‘This is the truth I unraveled: My mother abused me from the time I was an infant until I was 6 or 7 years old. She did lots of lurid things. She hurt me psychologically and physically.” She added, “My father molested me until I left home at age 17. He constantly put his hands all over me. He forced me to sit on his lap, to cuddle with him, to play with his penis in the bathtub. He did grotesque and disgusting things: He used to chase me with his excrement and try to put it on my head. He’d lie on the floor playing with himself. It was the most disgusting thing you can ever imagine.” In 2011, Roseanne and her sister, Geraldine, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show where Roseanne retracted much of what she said about her parents’ abuse of her as a child. She said that the word “incest” was not the correct term to use and admitted she should have waited until she was done therapy to come forward with her story. “I was in a very unhappy relationship and I was prescribed numerous psychiatric drugs… to deal with the fact that I had some mental illness… I totally lost touch with reality… (and) I didn’t know what the truth was… I just wanted to drop a bomb on my family,” she told Oprah. After she went forward with her story, she and her sister did not speak for 12 years, but later reconciled, although Roseanne added not everything she said was “made up.” “Nobody accuses their parents of abusing them without justification.”

Source: ABC

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