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12 TV Characters Who Should Never Have Been Killed Off

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 14 Jun 2018 07:29 AM / No Comments / 16 views

Not all characters who are killed off of a series deserve to die. In fact, sometimes it affects the show negatively and other times it just really angers the fans. We have a list of 12 characters who were killed off of some of our favorite shows and we believe that they really should have been spared that fate.

12. Caitlin Todd – NCIS

When Caitlin Todd was shot in the head in the season two finale of NCIS by a terrorist during the last few moments of the episode, fans were angry and took that anger to the internet message boards. Their anger was somewhat subdued when they learned that the actress wasn’t fired but had instead left of her own accord to pursue other opportunities; however, the way the character was killed was a tough pill to swallow for fans who had grown to really care for Todd.

Source: NCIS Wiki – Fandom

11. Caleb Nichol – The O.C.

When Caleb Nichol died at the end of season two of a heart attack, it really didn’t seem as though his death would have much of an impact on the show, but this proved to be false. His interactions with Sandy and Kirsten provided so much entertainment and drama during the first couple of seasons that, when he was gone during season three, it became especially evident that without him there something was missing, especially with Sandy and Kirsten’s storylines.

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