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13 Top Models On the Workouts That Keep Them Fit AF

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 16:43 PM / No Comments / 35 views

1. Lais Ribeiro
“I don’t really have a routine — I like to mix it up and try different types of exercise. Right now, I’m in love with Pilates.”

2. Sara Sampaio
“Resistance training and weight training are my favorites. I like when my trainers get creative and find new exercises that challenge me.”

3. Devon Windsor
“I love a combination of Pilates and body weight exercises.”

4. Brad Kroenig
“Currently, I’m doing mostly body weight with high reps — 15 to 20 reps, three times a week for 40 minutes maximum.”

5. Shanina Shaik
“Pilates and dance work best for my body, and I see results instantly. I follow Melissa Wood Tepperberg’s workouts on her website, and also, Megan Roup.”

6. Jasmine Tookes
“I like to switch it up. One day, I’ll do yoga, and then the following day, I’ll do weight training. And then, on to Pilates! It’s good to keep the muscles challenged with new exercises.”

7. Leomie Anderson
“Recently, I’ve been doing personal-training sessions with my instructor, Faye, who uses resistance bands. I enjoy this because it’s about small movements with high resistance and it works out the more overlooked muscles in the body.”

8. Eian Scully
“It varies, but I always include a mix of weight lifting, cardio, and yoga. I lift weights three times a week to build and shape my muscles. I focus on compound lifts, such as squats, deadlift, and bench presses; these big lifts give you the most bang for your buck. I finish with smaller lifts, such a biceps, triceps, and abs. These smaller lifts are more for “detailing” and should not comprise the bulk of your workouts. I do cardio three times per week and increase duration and frequency when prepping for a photo shoot. I alternate between interval-style sprints and steady state cardio, where I stay at the same pace for 30–45 minutes. Both types of cardio have major benefits for not only fat loss but also for your heart and lung health!”

9. Mariah Strongin
“Anything similar to Pilates with resistant bands. I can travel with them! I also always need my Dogpound fix when I’m back in NYC.”

10. Gizele Oliviera
“I love doing workouts with friends — fun stuff like boxing and sometimes even sports.”

11. Nadine Leopold
“I love to jump rope for a 15-minute warm-up. I’m a big fan of Megan Roup’s workout, PROJECT by Equinox.”

12. Hannah Ferguson
“For my body type, I find running combined with classes such as P.volve, yoga, and SLT give me the best results.”

13. Jason Morgan
“If I only have an hour in the day, I will either go with a run or a yoga session. It all depends on how my body feels.”

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