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15 Most Groundbreaking Soap Opera Storylines

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 04:12 AM / No Comments / 32 views

Soap operas offer a source of viewing entertainment to their fans, which allows them to escape their daily grind and dive into romance, adventure, and drama. However, as these shows have evolved over the years, they have not only provided entertaining storylines but thought-provoking ones that dive into social issues as well. Below are 15 groundbreaking soap opera storylines we have all enjoyed over the years.

15. First Pregnancy – Search for Tomorrow

A rather tame entry at the bottom of the list, but a groundbreaking storyline nonetheless. In 1956, Mary Stuart, the actress who played Joanne Gardner on Search for Tomorrow, became the first actress in soap history to have her pregnancy written into the show. When Stuart gave birth to her son, producers of the show filmed her in the hospital. Sadly, within days, the character’s baby passed away from an accident, which also launched an incredible storyline around Jo’s struggle with losing a child.

Source: Wikipedia

14. Bert Bauer Diagnosed With Uterine Cancer – Guiding Light

Guiding Light’s Bert Bauer jumped into a huge storyline in 1962, when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The illness was discovered during a regular pap checkup and received a tremendous amount of attention from viewers everywhere. The show was applauded for increasing awareness around the condition and pinpointing the importance around visiting your family doctor regularly.

Source: Daytime Confidential

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