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15 Most Shocking Soap Opera Affairs

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018 22:04 PM / No Comments / 17 views

Watching two major soap opera characters fall in love makes for good daytime drama and watching another character place a wedge between a couple can be downright entertaining. While most soap opera fans love a good romance, some of the best types of storylines are those that center around affairs. As such, below are 15 of the most shocking soap opera affairs.

15. Days’ E.J. DiMera and Abigail Deveraux

In late 2013 when Abigail’s cousin Nick went missing, she came very close to finding out that Kate, Gabi, and Sami threw him in a river and left him to die. I use the word “close” because E.J. followed Abigail up to the Horton cabin, and in an effort to protect Sami, he tried to convince her to stay quiet. The two would fight and then end up in bed together. They’d also do the deed in a hospital supply closet once again. E.J. seduced Abigail both times to keep her mouth shut, in essence for Sami, but Sami didn’t see it this way when she found out about their romps.

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14. Y&R’s Phillip Chancellor II and Jill Fenmore

Digging back into the Young and the Restless (Y&R) history vault, and we come up with a gem of an affair. Back in the mid-70s, Jill was a poor and innocent girl who was quickly befriended by rich and powerful Katherine Chancellor. She would become her paid companion and the socialite’s BFF; however, Jill would also turn the eyes of Kay’s husband Phillip. The two had an affair which produced a son. The affair would also result in one of the best soap opera rivalries in history between Jill and Katherine, which would span decades.

Source: GENOA — Les feux de l’amour – Canalblog