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15 Things You Didn’t Know About How I Met Your Mother

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Fans of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother stayed glued to their TVs as they watched the romantic misadventures of Ted Mosby as he searched endlessly for eight seasons to find his wife. Along the way, he got back together with college girlfriend Karen, tried to make it work with baker girlfriend Victoria, was left at the altar by Stella, and had a dramatic relationship with Zoey. When he finally meets the one, she dies during season nine. While telling his kids the story of How I Met Your Mother, Ted has an epiphany and discovers that he is meant to be with gal pal Robin. Fans couldn’t get enough of the show and made it a hit for several years. Take a look back and find out some things you may not have known about How I Met Your Mother.

15. The Season Finale

Fans piled by their TV sets when the series finale aired on March 31, 2014, waiting to find out what happens to their favourite How I Met Your Mother characters. However, while this episode got the most views, it also had the lowest ratings. Apparently no one wanted Ted’s wife to be killed (the one they had been waiting nine years for) so that Ted (Josh Radnor) could end up with Robin (Cobie Smulders)…seriously????!!!

Ron P. Jaffe / ©CBS / courtesy Everett Collection

Ron P. Jaffe / ©CBS / courtesy Everett Collection


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14. It Was All Planned

Most of the episodes feature Ted Mosby’s (Josh Radnor) future children, played by Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie. All these scenes were filmed during the show’s first season and featured throughout the series. This strategy was used to keep the children the same age during the running of the show. Therefore, the writers all knew how the show would end in season one.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

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