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17 Roles You Didn’t Know Were Played By Twins

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018 14:26 PM / No Comments / 40 views

There are many cases when one actor is simply not enough for one role, whether it’s for stunts or child labor laws. More often than we realize, producers are forced to use doubles or, in rare cases, hire an actors twin! We’re all familiar with how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rose to fame in the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House, and there are many others who’ve followed in their footsteps! Here’s a list of 17 roles you probably didn’t know were played by twins!

17. Sly and Wit – Baby Geniuses

Baby Geniuses is one of those great movies from the ’90s. The comedy family film came out in 1999 and told the story of scientists who were studying super-intelligent babies. Among the babies in the film were two long lost twins named Sly and Wit, who were actually played by triplets! The Canadian triplets named Myles, Leo and Gerry Fitzgerald are now all grown up, but when they appeared in the original film when they were only 5-years-old, and again in the 2004 sequel.


16. Baby William – The X-Files

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully welcomed a baby boy as part of the storyline on The X-Files back in 2001, and similar to many other infant roles on television, it was played by twins. The actors who took on the role were twins Travis and James Riker, who have grown up to be football-loving models with long hair. The twins are now teenagers and not surprisingly, have zero memory of ever being on the show. They didn’t even know they were on The X-Files until they were 7-years-old! Their mother took them to the audition after hearing about it through a friend, but now they mostly work in the modeling business.