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7 Married Couples Who Starred On CW Network Shows

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The old adage “it’s a small world” couldn’t apply any more than it does to the entertainment industry “family” of The CW Network. Previously known as the WB, The CW is the home of many hit drama series including One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Arrow and Gossip Girl, just to name a select few off of their long and impressive roster. While fans of one of those shows often turn out to be fans of others, the shows happen to have some deeper connections than just their network and the fans. A surprising amount of celebrity couples who are married, or at least were, have been on CW shows and what is more surprising, some of them weren’t even on the same show. Dating co-stars are common when it comes to many shows and films but these 7 couples jumped right in and tied the knot, and also happened to, at one point, both be connected to at least one CW show.

7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton

Perhaps one of Hollywood’s most favorite but very reclusive couples is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton. Fans are well aware of course that Morgan starred in the hit series Supernatural as John Winchester and couldn’t be happier that he is married to One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer). Following her divorce from Greg Prange, the son of One Tree Hill‘s executive producer Ian Prange, in 2009, Burton quietly began dating Morgan who had split from actress Mary-Louise Parker in 2008. In March 2010, the adorable pair welcomed their son Augustus “Gus” and have been diligent about keeping him out of the spotlight. While the two have not announced a wedding or marriage, there have been rumors about a secret wedding and Morgan now refers to Burton as his wife. The two are expecting their second child, a baby girl, and couldn’t be happier!

6. Stephen Amell and Cassandra Jean

Unfortunately, Arrow star Stephen Amell is a taken man and as it turns out the woman who got the brooding hero is no stranger to hit CW series herself. Cassandra Jean is most recognizable from her stint on America’s Next Top Model in 2005 where she had one of the most memorable “make-over” episode breakdowns in ANTM history and holds the title of being the first contestant to walk off the show. After America’s Next Top Model, however, she made an appearance on yet another major CW show. Jean appeared in season 6 of One Tree Hill in two episodes as Missy, “the other Brooke,” who is cast as Brooke Davis in Lucas’s film adaptation of his novel. It’s not clear how Amell and Jean met, but the two were married on Christmas Day 2012 while on vacation in the Caribbean and had a second stateside wedding in New Orleans on May 26, 2013, before welcoming their daughter Mavi in October 2013.

Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

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