Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Star Wars' Han Solo Movie Don't Need No Stinkin' Directors

With Phil Lord and Christopher Miller leaving the young Han Solo movie, one thing is clear: Star Wars is officially too big to direct. Source:...

How to Measure the Height of a Building With a …...

What is a barometer and how could you use it to measure the height of a building? Source: Feed 1 business

Get Your Kids Coding With Sony’s Clever Building Blocks

Learning to code is as easy as playing with Koov, a set of programmable building blocks. Source: Feed 1 business

Congress Is Finally Working on National Self-Driving Car Regulations

The House and Senate are crafting legislation to govern autonomous driving at a national level. Source: Feed 1 business

A Diabolical Way of Hacking a Chip With a Wave of...

A new hands-off hack uses an EMP attack to overcome fundamental software protections. Source: Feed 1 business

Inside Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence Comeback

The tech giant is racing to catch up to Google and Facebook in deep learning. Its future depends on it. Source: Feed 1 business

Welcome to the Wikipedia of the Alt-Right

Wikipedia was the rare place where people across the political spectrum could hash out solid facts. A wave of defectors is challenging that. Source: Feed...

How Letterpress Printing Came Back from the Dead

Digital methods are reinventing Gutenberg's signature letterpress as the darling of the DIY world. Source: Feed 1 business

Reviewing the First iPhone in a Hype Typhoon

It's been 10 years since the launch of the iPhone, which I and three other journalists received early. Nothing has been the same since. Source:...

I'm Suing New York City to Loosen Verizon's Iron Grip

The powers that be are withholding information that will help us get better internet access. This cannot stand. Source: Feed 1 business