Friday, July 21, 2017
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Google’s New Feeds Show You the Internet You Want to See

Think of Google's new feeds as something like a recommendations list for the entire web. Source: Feed 1 business

The Curious Comeback of the Dreaded QR Code

Don't look now, but QR codes are back—and they're going to change your digital life in all sorts of previously impossible ways. Source: Feed 1...

The First Alexa Phone Gets Amazon Even Closer to Total Domination

Putting Alexa on the HTC U11 is a small step, but it gives Amazon new footing in the voice revolution. Source: Feed 1 business

Nike Fe/Nom: Your New Favorite Sports Bra Is Made From Fancy...

The high-tech fabric found on Nike's running shoes makes the perfect material for a soft, supportive sports bra. Source: Feed 1 business

Huntington leads the way for Premier in North Sea production

Premier Oil’s 2Q UK production averaged 45,500 boe/d, up 105% on the corresponding period last year. Source: Regional report

Gas dominates Southeast Asia discoveries in year to date

Westwood Global Energy Group sees signs of recovery in exploration in the Asia/Pacific region. Source: Regional report

North Sea license award boosts Vulcan Satellites gas project

Britain’s Oil & Gas Authority has awarded Independent Oil and Gas a new license for block 48/25a in the UK southern North Sea. Source: Regional...

Oxo's Coffee Grinder and Brewer Make a Damn Good Cup

We look at a coffee grinder and a brewer that double down on coffee science. Source: Feed 1 business

Rants and Races: In Praise of the Humble Stick Pen

Stick pens are not elegant, effortless writing utensils. But like so many of life's best things, it's their very badness that makes them great. Source:...

Stromer ST1 X Review: This $5,000 Swiss Monster of an E-Bike...

We take Stromer's new e-bike for a gravel-spewing, torque-laden spin. Source: Feed 1 business