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Cast Of Teen Mom: How Much Are They Worth?

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MTV’s Teen Mom quickly became one of the most popular reality TV shows, following the lives of young moms first seen on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. The show is meant to demonstrate to youth how difficult it is to be a teen mother and advertises that, since it started airing, teenage pregnancies have decreased in America. Although it is supposed to show the “reality” of the situation, there is no denying that everyone on the show gets paid to appear, unlike a lot of women who become teenage mothers. The show avoids discussing their casts’ contracts or dealings with MTV and, while some have other jobs, fans have noticed most of the stars move into newer and bigger houses and get newer and nicer cars, even though many don’t seem to work at all. This has caused many fans to question just how much they get to star on Teen Mom. Check out how much the stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are worth according to Celebrity Net Worth.

9. Briana DeJesus

Estimated Net Worth: $50 Thousand. Briana DeJesus almost missed the Teen Mom fandom when she was first selected to star on the the short-lived third spinoff Teen Mom 3. With the series only lasting one season, she faded away to normal life until 2017 when she got the call to join Teen Mom 2 as the fifth star. With Teen Mom 2 being in its eighth season at the time, the stars were being offered some pretty impressive salaries, but with welcoming her second daughter, Stella, Briana continued to work and help support her mother and of course her first daughter, Nova. While she insists she isn’t living luxuriously off of her MTV paycheck, she has been able to afford some plastic surgery and has an estimated net worth of $50 thousand.

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8. Jenelle Evans

Estimated Net Worth: $30 Thousand. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is unfortunately famous for not doing well as a teen mom at all. Her episode of 16 and Pregnant and subsequent appearances on Teen Mom 2 revealed she could not handle motherhood and had to sign over custody of her son Jace to her own mother. It was estimated that Evans was making around $75,000 a season for Teen Mom 2, however her net worth still sits at an estimated $30 thousand. It is speculated that Evans is really broke because of legal bills. Fans of the show know that she was constantly in out of her lawyer’s office dealing with her many offences, but things have seemed to turn around now. After welcoming Kaiser and splitting with Nathan, Jenelle has found love and married David Eason and welcomed a daughter, Ensley.

Photo by MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock

Photo by MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock

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