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Dez Bryant goes berzerk on ‘dirty’ reporters

By / Published on Monday, 01 Feb 2016 05:29 AM / No Comments / 40 views

Maybe Dez Bryant was taking one for his teammate.

The Cowboys receiver got into a profanity-filled shouting match with a reporter on Thursday, and was further agitated when another reporter tweeted about the exchange.

The blowup momentarily changed the narrative surrounding the 2-6 ‘Boys and got embattled teammate Greg Hardy out of the newscycle for at least one day.


Bryant’s second tirade interrupted Jason Witten’s weekly session with the media, and the 13th-year tight end worked to calm the situation and help get Bryant out of the locker room, as did coach Jason Garrett.

Bryant was upset about something a reporter had written, and had been asking for days where he was. Bryant confronted ESPN reporter Jean-Jacques Taylor about the story — which said that the Cowboys needed increased production from Bryant — before Bryant’s teammate, Devin Street got involved. Street, according to ESPN, claimed that Taylor, who is black, used the n-word during the course of their disagreement.

Dez Bryant flips out on reporters in the Cowboys’ locker room Thursday.Michael Ainsworth/AP

Dez Bryant flips out on reporters in the Cowboys’ locker room Thursday.

The details of the confrontation were shared on Twitter, and aftwerwards Bryant called all the reporters in the locker room “dirty” several times before he was led out. He also urged Cowboys PR director Rich Dalrymple to “fix this s–t” before telling him that he was going to tell his side of the story on Twitter.

Later in the day, Bryant made good on his word, writing on Twitter: “Yeah, I blew up on the media but report why I blew up on ya’ll … saing I don’t give f–k about me and calling players n—– is not professional.”

The Cowboys have lost six straight games, and part of Bryant’s outburst was about the media “disrespecting this team.” The Cowboys had no comment on the incident and Bryant said he would no longer speak to the media.

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