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General Hospital: 10 Unanswered Questions Every Fan Wants To Know

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 22 Mar 2018 04:48 AM / No Comments / 28 views

Each and every day, General Hospital (GH) fans tune in to see the romance, adventure, and drama that resides in Port Charles. The show has been on the air for close to 55 years now and while stories have gone into great detail since then, sometimes the way things unravel can leave fans guessing and wanting more. Below are 10 unanswered questions every GH fan wants to know.

10. Why Do People Still Live At Wyndemere?

Located on Spoon Island, Valentin Cassadine, his wife Nina and daughter Charlotte live in the Wyndemere mansion. This home has a long history on the show that spans close to 30 years. The question remains: why on earth would anyone live in this creeped-out mansion that has seen so many people die? While many have occupied the house, from Ned Ashton to Cesar Faison, and many of the Cassadines — multiple people have come to their death in this house, including Katherine Bell, Stefan Cassadine, and Emily Quartermaine – just to name a few. The oddest thing of all was that despite having ex-lovers and family members murdered at Wyndemere, Nikolas Cassadine lived there with his son Spencer for years.

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9. Olivia Jerome Is Alive!?

Olivia Jerome’s return in early 2017 rocked Port Charles and was one of the most interesting storylines on daytime drama during that time. The problem was that she was shot by her brother Julian in 1990 and the death seemed pretty final. While this is the land of soap operas where anything can happen, many GH fans wonder how Olivia got herself out of that sticky situation to live.


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