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General Hospital: 12 Truly Disappointing Storylines

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 08 Mar 2018 03:47 AM / No Comments / 33 views

Daytime audiences love their favorite soap operas, which is why they are so dedicated to tuning in daily and weekly. The land of Port Charles is an intriguing one filled with mob action, suspense, drama, and lots of romance. While General Hospital (GH) has created some compelling storylines over the years, which have drawn in viewers, they have also slipped up now and again. Below are 12 truly disappointing General Hospital storylines:

12. Lulu Is Charlotte’s Mother

When Charlotte strolled into town with her mother Claudette, the child’s paternity became a huge over-arching storyline on GH. Was Nathan her biological dad? Griffin? Viewers also wondered how the child was linked to Valentin Cassadine. When it turned out that Lulu Spencer was, in fact, Charlotte’s mother, and Claudette acted as a surrogate with Cassadine as the biological father, fans were shocked. However, long-time GH fans questioned the unraveling storyline. If you look at Charlotte’s age and the timeline of conception, some things simply don’t add up.

Source: Celebrity Dirty Laundry

11. Nikolas Dies Twice Within Months

Tyler Christopher, the actor who played GH’s Nikolas Cassadine, was amid contract negotiations with GH when his character plummeted to his death in May 2016. Turns out, Cassadine simply staged his own death and actor Nick Stable temporarily filled in as Nikolas that summer until the contract negotiations fizzled and it became clear that Christopher was not going to return to the show. As such, that July, Nikolas was killed off…again.

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