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General Hospital’s 15 Most Disappointing Deaths Of All Time

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Death may be a part of life, but nothing is harder for a soap opera fan than watching their favorite character die. Sadly it’s also a huge part of any daytime drama and General Hospital (GH) has seen its fair share of characters pass away (and sometimes come back to life) over the years. Below are 15 of GH’s most disappointing deaths of all time.

15. Anna Devane

This hits the bottom of the list because there is a silver lining to the story. Sure, Anna Devane, along with love (at that time) Robert Scorpio died in a boat explosion in 1992 leaving a young Robin as an orphan. It was simply devastating. It seemed like the young family had just come together, only to be ripped apart. However, the good news is both Anna (and Robert) miraculously came back to life in 2001. They did miss a huge chunk out of their daughter’s life, but at least they were still around to enjoy new moments with her as she became a mom and wife.

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14. Robin Scorpio

Robin followed in her parents’ footsteps in early 2012 when GH fans believed that she died while trapped in a hospital lab fire. This was a hard death for many GH viewers to see as long-time audiences had literally watched Robin grow up before their very own eyes. The good news was that she actually didn’t die in that fire, but even though fans found out shortly after her shocking death, the residents of Port Charles grieved for a very long time before discovering Robin was alive. Heart-wrenching scenes with Maxie Jones, cousin to Robin and BFF, were a sad watch as she blamed herself for her death.

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