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Grey’s Anatomy’s Season Finales Ranked From Worst To Best

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018 21:02 PM / No Comments / 41 views

When Shonda Rhimes and ABC launched Grey’s Anatomy back in 2005, there was no way of telling just how huge the show was going to become. Over a decade later and with almost 14 seasons under its belt, it still shows no signs of slowing down no matter how many characters and main stars come and go, and all too often the worst losses and biggest surprises have come at the end of a season. After 13 season finales, fans have seen everything from the ultimate cliffhanger, to the most romantic of gestures, and of course, horrific deaths. Not every season finale episode has been as great as some of the others though, so here are all 13 Grey’s Anatomy season finales ranked from worst to best:

13. Season 7 “Unaccompanied Minor”

In comparison to the rest of the earlier seasons of Grey’s, the season seven finale “Unaccompanied Minor” wasn’t nearly as dramatic. Although the episode did leave fans with some shocking moments and cliffhangers after Cristina told Owen she was pregnant but didn’t want the baby and Meredith admitted to tampering with the clinical trial, it simply didn’t shape up to be as exciting or what audiences had come to expect from thrilling, on-edge Grey’s Anatomy finales. Looking back at all of the finale episodes that have aired, “Unaccompanied Minor” reflects more as an average Grey’s episode, which makes it the worst finale so far.


12. Season 12 “Family Affair”

Most Grey’s Anatomy fans will agree that the later season finale episodes haven’t been nearly as great as most of the ones that came before them. Season 12’s “Family Affair” turned out to be extremely underwhelming which was disappointing after it looked like all the twists in the main storylines were going to create an epic finale. The episode attempted to turn everything on its head with Amelia reconsidering her wedding to Owen, April going into labor unprepared, and Callie and Arizona fighting, but in the end, it all simply resolved. The only cliffhanger fans were really left with was Karev beating up Andrew, but the consequences wouldn’t begin to be explored until season 13.