Friday, July 21, 2017

The Clue to Next Year's Flu Strain Could Be Inside You

Decade-old snot from cancer patients revealed a new technique to forecast how flu evolves. Source: Feed 1 business

Dark Sky’s Pretty Weather App Is Now a Pretty Weather Site puts the best weather app on the web. The post Dark Sky's Pretty Weather App Is Now a Pretty Weather Site appeared first...

Assessing prospects offshore Northwest Europe

Source: Regional report

Aminex looking to drill near Songo Island

Aminex is re-evaluating existing data over its license interests around Songo Songo Island offshore Tanzania to identify further drilling targets. Source: Regional report

HP Spectre x2 (2017) Review: The 2-in-1 Laptop to Beat

The HP Spectre x2 costs less than the Surface Pro and beats it on performance, usability, and price Source: Feed 1 business

VR Ads Are Almost Here. Don’t Act Surprised

The advertisements of the future will be immersive and almost game like. And they're nearly here. Source: Feed 1 business

Jeff Sessions' War on Medical Marijuana Gets Public Health All Wrong

Using the opioid crisis to justify cracking down on medical marijuana isn’t just disingenuous, it’s irresponsible. Because weed is actually pretty great at managing...

Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 247 yields more than $274 million in high...

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has reported that Lease Sale 247 garnered $274,797,434 in high bids for 163 tracts covering 913,542 acres in...

5 Awesome Home-Theater Setups for Under $500

Five C-notes doesn't just get you a TV. It gets you a TV, a Roku, a Chromecast, a soundbar, and money left over for...




Senators Push Trump for Answers on Power Grid Malware Attack

Nineteen legislators say the discovery of automated grid-disruption malware in Ukraine means the White House isn't doing enough to protect critical infrastructure. Source: Feed 1...


The London Fire and the Enduring Problem of Fighting High-Rise Infernos

At Grenfell Tower in London, firefighters couldn't compartmentalize or suppress the fire. But it's evacuation that still bedevils fire researchers. Source: Feed 1 business

Let There Be Light: 2 Killer Projectors for Your Home Theater

The latest TVs are gorgeously slim. But a richly colored layer of photons is downright ethereal. The post Let There Be Light: 2 Killer...