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Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reunion: 10 Most Shocking Revelations

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018 09:00 AM / No Comments / 39 views

Teen Mom 2 has been serving up non-stop drama for fans for eight seasons now, but no matter how dramatic and shocking the season is, fans know that the reunion episodes often top it. Teen Mom 2‘s season eight reunion with Dr. Drew was no exception as before it even aired there were reports that production had to be temporarily stopped after a massive fight broke out centering around Jenelle Eason, her mother Barbara and Jenelle’s ex Nathan. As Dr. Drew caught up with Jenelle, Chelsea DeBoer, Kailyn Lowry, Briana DeJesus and Leah Messer, explosive revelations were made, many stormed off set and tears were shed. After a long season with five moms in the mix this time and a dramatic reunion, here are the 10 most shocking revelations from Teen Mom 2‘s season eight reunion episodes:

10. Kailyn and Chris

Before the reunion even really got rolling, Kailyn dropped a major revelation about her elusive relationship with her third son’s father, Chris Lopez. Fans are well aware that Kailyn has not been very open about their relationship and where they stand, but after all the moms along with Dr. Drew watched a clip from Britain’s Teen Mum, they talked about having trust issues. When it came to Kailyn she said, “I feel for her…Chris cheated on me my whole pregnancy, so it’s hard.” When Dr. Drew then said he was sorry for her having to deal with that, she said, “Well I stayed, so it’s my fault,” and confirmed the two certainly weren’t together anymore and only found out by going through his phone. She later confirmed that she and Chris had not spoken in a month which means Chris also hadn’t seen his son Lux in a month, with Kailyn calling it a “hard pill to swallow,” and also finally revealed that she and Chris met through school.

Source: MTV

9. Leah and Jeremy

Although Jeremy couldn’t be at the reunion, he did call in in part 2 of the reunion, while Dr. Drew sat with Leah. Jeremy became defensive right away when Dr. Drew tried to ask about Jeremy’s relationship with his girlfriend Brooke, saying he was going to “hang the h-ll up” if that was what they were going to talk about. Things got more interesting when Dr. Drew once again hinted at if the pair were becoming involved again after previously asking Leah the question earlier. When he asked them directly, however, the pair sat in silence and as Leah blushed, Jeremy said, “this is f–king awkward.” Despite their nasty split, Leah and Jeremy certainly did not jump to deny they were rekindling their relationship, and it was easy to see there was something there whether they admitted it or not.

Source: Twitter