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This Is Us S2 Episode 10 Recap: 8 Can’t Miss Moments From ‘Number Three’

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 08 May 2018 20:28 PM / No Comments / 53 views

It seems season two of This Is Us is flying by as we have already reached the mid-season finale with the highly anticipated episode “Number Three.” As always, This Is Us delivered a powerful and emotional episode all packed into one hour, and once again left fans hanging on one huge moment before its return on January 2, 2018. After both Kevin and Kate’s episode, “Number Three” was all about Randall as the show delved deeper into how his adoption and his current want to help other children has impacted his character. Sterling K. Brown delivered a gripping and incredible performance to round out the Big Three episodes, so follow along for a full recap with these 8 can’t miss moments from the episode:

8. Shauna Shows Up

As with the two before, “Number Three” began with Rebecca and Jack filming Randall learning how to walk and in true Randall style, he not only could walk, he could also talk, saying “table” as he tottered towards his parents. In the present, Randall was getting excited for Thanksgiving and looking forward to a better one than last year’s drama filled festivities, but his excitement was dashed as Deja’s mother showed up at his house wanting her daughter. After fighting with Beth and Randall about taking her daughter, Deja calms her mother down and convinces her to just be patient and let the social worker deal with getting her home. In a tense conversation with their social worker, Linda, she explains that this is “what they signed up for” when agreeing to foster a child — it doesn’t mean they get to keep her. Randall insists Deja shouldn’t go back to her mother however and says he is getting his lawyer involved.


7. The College Trip

In a flashback to Randall’s teenage years which ties into the scenes we saw in Kevin and Kate’s episodes, Randall is seen filling out his Harvard application but being drawn to Howard University, a historically black college and convinces his dad Jack to take him to Washington to visit the campus. While it means missing Kevin’s football game, Jack agrees and when they arrive, Randall meets up with his friend Keith who explains he wants to take Randall on the “behind-the-curtain” tour while Jack goes on the real campus tour. While with Keith and his friends, Randall is so happy to find the people and communities he has always been searching for as they all share their experiences of going to predominantly white high schools. The moment was huge because for once Randall felt like he was among people who really understood what he had felt growing up, and when he meets back up with his dad, he is not eager to go back home.