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This Is Us S2 Episode 11 Recap: 8 Can’t Miss Moments From ‘The Fifth Wheel’

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This Is Us returned with a massive and emotional episode on Tuesday, January 9 following a month long break after that major mid-season finale episode that left viewers on the edge of their seats. Many wondered just how they were going to top the ‘Big Three’ episodes, and now many are still reeling from the intense family reckoning delivered by the mid-season premiere episode ‘The Fifth Wheel.’ The episode saw the Pearson clan jump one month ahead in the present timeline as they all came together to visit Kevin in rehab and hash out some very difficult emotions in a therapy session. There is a lot to unpack and marvel over from the episode, so follow along for a full recap with these eight can’t miss moments from ‘The Fifth Wheel.’

8. Kate’s Secret

‘The Fifth Wheel’ opened up by jumping ahead one month in the present and with Kevin recovering in rehab following his DUI arrest and Kate and Randall were seen getting ready to go visit him to participate in a family therapy session. While preparing for their trip, Kate discusses with Toby about feeling anxious about seeing Kevin after not being there for him when he hit rock bottom and, as always, Toby reassured her saying they had their “own stuff going on too,” referencing their tragic miscarriage. After the two sweetly dubbed themselves “Katoby” Kate asked Toby to take out the trash but when the bag breaks, Toby discovers that Kate has secretly been hiding junk food from him. Meanwhile, Randall and Beth are also preparing for the rehab visit and it was clear Beth was nowhere near ready to forgive Kevin for having Tess in the car when he got his DUI. Randall however told her they had to be there for him.  “I know how you feel — I feel it too,” Randall tells her. “But when I was at my lowest, Kevin was there for me.” Upon Randall, Beth, Kate, Toby, Rebecca and Miguel arriving at Kevin’s rehab facility they find he is “Mr. Rehab,” and learn that Beth, Toby and Miguel cannot participate in the therapy session.


7. Family Vacation

The tense events of the present day in the episode are juxtaposed by flashbacks to a family vacation the Pearsons took to a cabin one summer when the Big Three were around 10. In the flashback, Kevin arrives late to the cabin after being at football camp and is left out by everything happening around him and learns Randall got glasses and is warned not to make fun of him. After Kate excitedly tells Kevin about all the awesome food like hot dogs and s’mores that they make around the fire at night, Rebecca confronts Jack in private about Kate’s “obsession with food.” Kate’s burgeoning weight struggles and Jack not being able to say no to her are important to the parallel in the present with Kate still battling her weight and hiding junk food from Toby.

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