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This Is Us S2 Episode 12 Recap: 8 Can’t Miss Moments From ‘Clooney’

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 07 Mar 2018 03:43 AM / No Comments / 33 views

After last week’s emotionally exhausting “The Fifth Wheel” episode, This Is Us let fans somewhat off the hook this week with a lot less heavy episode in “Clooney.” While it may not have been as emotional of an episode, “Clooney” covered a lot of ground in the Pearsons life from the past to the present and even explored new avenues like the intricacies of friendship that to this point had been set aside for focus on familial relationships instead. Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of This Is Us without leaving viewers with one major moment. There is a lot to unravel and unpack from the episode, so here is a full recap with 8 can’t miss moments from “Clooney.”

8. Outer Space

For quite some time now Randall has been without a job after his panic attack caused him to reevaluate the stress his work put on his life, and for the first time “Clooney” explored the tension this was putting on his relationship with Beth. The normally completely in-sync couple were off-balance as Beth pushed Randall to take a job interview while he complained about needing work he was passionate about and got his “juices flowing.” After occupying himself instead with a box of William’s old stuff that was found in his apartment, Beth finally confronted Randall after he stopped by her office and made it clear his focus was not on his job interview.“I need you to go back to work,” she explained, adding that it felt like he’s in “outer space” lately. “It’s not about money. I think it will be good for you — for us.”


7. Madison and Kate

While a major focus of the episode was on Beth and Randall and their relationship, the episode was also noticeably without Toby which was unfortunate. Although fans were without Toby, it left the episode open for Kate to explore other relationships in her life: friendship. For several episodes, fans have watched as Kate and the skinny woman in her over-eaters support group, Madison, clashed, but this episode gave a drastic twist to their relationship. After Kate opened up about how she fell off the wagon and turned to junk food after her miscarriage, and said she was ready to get back on track because of the wedding dress she would need for her upcoming wedding to Toby, Madison jumped on the chance to take Kate wedding dress shopping. The experience was paralleled in the past to a Pearson family trip to the mall in which Kate asked her mother to go dress shopping for the Winter Formal with her. In the present, Madison ended up being unbelievably understanding and compassionate as she explained to Kate she wouldn’t have to try a single thing on, just needed to find what she liked, and rented the store out for the appointment so that Kate wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. The happy wedding dress shopping moment however was marred by Madison’s often hidden eating disorder after she binged on macaroons in the shop but excused herself to purge after over indulging, giving insight to Madison’s very real problems that were often joked about by Kate up until that point.


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