10 weirdest things Aaron Rodgers has done in public

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I’m not sure if this one is weird, selfish, or downright evil, but Aaron Rodgers told the world he was “immunized” against COVID when it really wasn’t. He later admitted on Rogan’s podcast, where he naturally found a friendly audience, that he used the word “immunized” on purpose in hopes that people wouldn’t ask him, specifically, if he had been vaccinated.

Rodgers also blamed everyone else (just like the unfinished ones) for his betrayal, telling Pat McAfee:

“I realize that I am currently in the crosshairs of the awakened mafia, so before my last nail is driven into my coffin of the culture of dismissal, I would like to set the record straight with so many outright lies,” said Rodgers. “I’m not some kind of flat earther against vaccination. I am someone who thinks critically. I march to the beat of my own drum. I am a firm believer in bodily autonomy. Not having to acquiesce to some awakened culture or some crazy group of individuals.”

There you have it, a crazy group of individuals. It’s your fault Aaron Rodgers had to lie. If you weren’t so AWAKE, if you didn’t care so much about stopping a deadly pandemic that killed over a million Americans, he would never be in this situation! You and your empathy for the public. Where’s your empathy for Aaron Rodgers?

Also, does anyone doubt that Rodgers would totally agree if Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson started “asking questions” about the Earth being flat? Have you ever seen Earth from space? Do you have? Well then you really don’t KNOW, do you? You only know what WAKES UP SCIENTISTS and ASTRONAUTS-VIRTUE SIGNALS I told you. Wake up, man. Stop being such a puppet of GREAT SCIENCE.

Boom. Floor wiped.

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