A bomb from the Second World War exploded in England (VIDEO)

A World War II bomb exploded in England on Friday after authorities failed to defuse it.

The explosive device was discovered in the town of Great Yarmouth by a contractor working on a construction project.

On Thursday, the English armed forces tried to detonate the bomb using a technique intended to create a slow-burning explosive, but in the end the technique failed and the bomb exploded.

No one was injured in the explosion, according to Norfolk police.

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Watch the moment it exploded here:

Here’s another angle of the explosion:

During the German Blitz campaign, Nazi pilots dropped over 25,000 bombs on London and nearby ports.

Some of these bombs that were dropped never detonated, just like the recent bomb that was discovered in the town of Great Yarmouth.

Back in 2021, a bomb was discovered in Exeter, a city located southwest of London.

The army detonated the bomb in a controlled explosion, but the explosions still caused serious damage to nearby properties.

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