A convicted sex offender with children was granted custody of the girl

How does that happen?
Local authorities in Leeds have given custody of a girl convicted of child sexual abuse.

Officials later found out that he got her pregnant.

And the man threatened to kill himself if the girl ever told anyone about her abuse.

The IBC reported:

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A convicted child sex offender was granted custody of a child before she became pregnant, despite authorities knowing about his criminal record, a report has found.

The victim, known as Ruby, had been abused for several years by the man, who was her legal guardian, according to a report by the Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership, made up of council officers, local NHS and police chiefs.

Ruby then became pregnant and needed a partnership, and it was only then that the campaign of abuse came to light.

There was some concern about the pedophile’s previous criminal record, but the local authorities did not seek further legal advice before placing the girl in his care…

…The predator threatened to commit suicide if she told anyone about the abuse.

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