A surprising number of Antifa members are white children of privilege

After the recent arrest of Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark’s adult child for Antifa-related crimes in Boston, people have been looking at the far-left group and noticing that many of its members are young, white, privileged backgrounds.

Why is this topic recurring? What is it about Antifa that attracts this specific demographic?

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PJ Media reports:

It turns out that the Atlanta terrorists are children of privilege

We’ve already learned that the vast majority of the Antifa rioters who terrorized Atlanta over the weekend โ€” and who occupied the future site of a public safety training facility for months โ€” came from nowhere in Atlanta, but the more we learn about the Antifa criminals, who attacked police officers and did damage in throughout downtown Atlanta, we realize that these are not oppressed minorities rising up against the system.

It turns out that the Atlanta terrorists are mostly children of enormous privilege.

Take, for example, the rather evil-looking Francis Carroll (whose name is misspelled WSB below), the guy who allegedly set fire to a police cruiser on Saturday night.

PJ Media continues with other examples:

Carroll hails from Kennebunkport, Maine โ€” yes, the same Kennebunkport that’s home to the Bush family. And we all know that cities with complexes are always classy. He’s the scion of a multi-million dollar yacht-owning family, and he lived in his parents’ mansion before coming to Atlanta and wreaking havoc.

In the New York Post, Andy Ngo notes that Carroll โ€œwas among six people arrested and charged with domestic terrorism, aggravated assault and other crimes on Dec. 13 after a series of property attacks throughout the area, carjackings and attacks on officers. They were all saved by activists who funded their legal defense through Twitter.โ€

And then there’s Serena Hertal. The Idaho native graduated from the $82,000-a-year Pitzer College in Claremont, California. How did she use that high-value education? Facing charges of domestic terrorism, aggravated assault and criminal trespass in Atlanta.

How about Ivan James Ferguson? The 23-year-old Nevada native is a clarinetist who performed with orchestras up and down the West Coast before ditching it all to disrupt the security of a city two thousand miles away. Ferguson studied at a fancy conservatory of music in San Francisco, which should serve him well in prison.

We see this over and over again.

What’s the connection?

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