BAE Systems successfully integrates the Akeron missile into the CV90

BAE Systems with pan-European missile manufacturer MBDA has successfully integrated a fifth-generation tactical combat missile into the CV90 combat vehicle.

According to MBDA, the Akeron MP missile was fired from a BAE Systems Hägglunds CV90 infantry fighting vehicle at a training ground in northern Sweden, in the presence of representatives of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The company says the Akeron MP is a unique family of fifth-generation tactical combat missiles that incorporate the latest technologies in terms of high-resolution multi-band imaging, multi-effect warheads (anti-tank, anti-infrastructure, anti-personnel), data links and multi-mode guidance algorithms based on artificial intelligence techniques. The CV90 is a highly capable modern infantry fighting vehicle with an advanced integrated combat system linked to wider battlefield management systems.


The combination of the Akeron MP/LYNKEUS and the CV90 combat system offers a unique capability to engage targets in complex environments (wooded, urban, etc.) through the combination of the AKERON’s instantaneous target lock-on in the lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) mode, or finding targets in flight in the lock-on mode after launch (LOAL), and all this is made possible by the information provided to the crew by the CV90 combat system. Unique is this ability of the AKERON to attack tanks at distances of 4 km, with the option of co-op combat through the CV90 combat system with the LYNKEUS integrated reconnaissance micro-UAV.

The firing conditions for the test were set to highlight the complementarity of the CV90 advanced combat system with the unique capability of the Akeron MP / LYNKEUS, and considering the winter combat conditions in the Nordic country; with a successful pre-launch lock (LOBL) in the TV band.

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