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Band's stolen kit spotted in pawn shop after Facebook plea

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 07 Feb 2020 15:48 PM / Comments Off on Band's stolen kit spotted in pawn shop after Facebook plea / 22 views

A band have been reunited with kit that was stolen from their car after the goods were spotted in a pawn shop.

Nottingham band Do Nothing appealed for help on Facebook after they had £1,000 worth of equipment taken from a car park in Nottingham earlier this week.

In a post they said they had a “spot of bad news” after the theft from drummer Andy Harrison’s car.

They noted that it “could have been a lot worse” but asked locals to keep an eye out for the items.

Music producer Guy Elderfield recognised the items in a Cash Generator store having seen their post. After checking the serial numbers he alerted the band.

While bassist Charlie Howarth had his bass pedals “safely recovered”, their kick pedal (which costs nearly £200) is still missing. The band said faith has been restored “to our cold dead hearts and we owe you all a drink”.

Do Nothing’s latest single LeBron James was released in December 2019. They’re set to perform in London and Austin at SXSW festival next month.

Nottingham police have not made any arrests.