Bayley shares a video of Seth Rollins calling her “my girl” ahead of her match with Becky Lynch

Multiple women’s champion Bayley has been a thorn in the side of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch in recent weeks. Uzor recently shared a video of Seth Rollins calling her “my girl” in an attempt to play mind games with Lynch.

This started since she called the two out on RAW, saying that Rollins only married Lynch because he “pumped her up”. Since then, she’s continued to hint that there’s more to her and Rollins than friendship, sharing old photos and videos of the two of them, in which Rollins looks quite affectionate.

Earlier in the day, Bayley shared a video of Rollins addressing her in response to a WWE tweet referencing her rivalry with Becky Lynch.

A fan tweeted about how Becky Lynch was ready to make history by becoming the first woman to compete in a steel cage match on WWE RAW, SmackDown, as well as a top live event, Lynch retweeted it.

The leader of Damage CTRL cut the previous video and shortened it to just Seth Rollins saying, “hello to my girl, Bayley!” She then responded with a video to Lynch’s tweet.

Check out the tweet below:

The former Hugger has continued to pester Lynch with her real-life husband for some time now, and it almost seems like it’s turning into a story. It remains to be seen whether or not this will actually become part of the storyline and if Rollins will get involved in the feud on screen.

Bayley and Becky Lynch compete inside a steel cage on RAW

It looks like the Damage CTRL emcee’s mind games with Lynch continue as she heads towards a match inside a steel cage.

The two were originally scheduled to face off in the cage on an episode of RAW XXX, but thanks to a pre-match attack by Damage CTRL, the match was called off.

Lynch will be eager to get his hands on his opponent in the match, as there has been no love lost between the two in recent weeks.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below!

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