Biden is filling the courts with radical judges who will ignore the law instead of politics

How can we say that many of the judges with whom Biden fills the courts will be extreme leftist awakened radicals? Because of their history and the example that the Obama judges give us.

Barack Obama has filled the courts with radical judges who ignore the law because of political priorities. Under President Trump’s administration, these judges have gone out of their way in their attempts to stop his plan.

A cursory review of recent posts on TGP shows the following regarding the Obama judges.

In New York, proceedings were initiated against the leadership of the ‘We Build the Wall’ movement. The people behind the case hated average Americans who built the wall on the southern border when Democrats were trying to stop President Trump from protecting the country, obeying the law, and forcing the government to build a wall on the border. The communist gang took Brian Kolfage, Steve Bannon and others to court on BS charges. Then, in one case, an Obama judge withheld evidence that exonerated the prosecutor.

TRENDY: WaPo and Taylor Lorenz Use Shady Leftist Group to List Gateway Pundit, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, DC Draino, Emerald Robinson, Andrew Tate, etc. as Top “Extremist Influencers” on Twitter


Obama Judge Amy Totenberg in Georgia will not release Halderman’s court-ordered report on Dominion voting machines used in the state until today. CISA released a report indicating that these machines have serious flaws that could be manipulated by bad actors to steal elections. Judge Totenberg will not allow the Americans to see the Halderman report to which the CISA report was a response.

Two radical judges appointed by Obama ruled in favor of Stacey Abrams in her attempt to steal the election

In DC Obama, Judge Christopher Cooper would not recuse himself from Dr. Simone Gold’s case covering her actions on January 6th. A brave doctor was at the Capitol urging Americans to tackle COVID. A group of FBI agents broke into her house and arrested her.

Despite Judge Cooper knowing Dr. Gold and being scolded by the doctor for asking her out while she was in school, he did not recuse himself from the case. He then proceeded to jail the doctor for a speech inside the Capitol on January 6.

Obama’s judge in the Sussmann case was completely conflicted and his actions now show it

In Michigan, Obama Judge Linda Parker ignored President Trump’s 2020 Michigan election integrity case brought by attorney Sidney Powell. It is not clear if she ever looked at it. Then Judge Linda V. Parker dismissed the case. There have been more than 100 legal filings by Michigan citizens alleging fraud in Michigan’s 2020 elections.

Then, after ignoring the evidence and the case and dismissing it, Judge Linda Parker fined Sidney Powell and eight other attorneys $175,000 for daring to file a lawsuit in the first place.

WATCH LIVE HEARING: Judge and former Obama-appointed activist presides over sanctions case against Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and local MI attorney Stefanie Lambert

Other Obama judges like Amy Berman Jackson should be in jail for their actions against Paul Manafort and Roger Stone related to lies about collusion with Russia. She was part of the coup.

The list goes on and on. Now Obama/Biden are trying to fill the courts with more corrupt political and woke judges.

FOX News reports on Biden’s latest actions:

The Democratic-controlled Senate is poised to approve another slate of President Biden’s judicial nominees with a history of working for left-wing pro-abortion organizations, the gun control lobby, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The judicial nominations are Biden’s way of “paying back the left-wing dark money groups that spent more than a billion dollars to help elect him and the Democrats to the Senate,” Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, told Fox News Digital.

“These candidates with a representative bench will be happy to convey the political preferences of the left, regardless of the law,” Severino added. “If confirmed, they will be some of the most radical judges in the country.”

The article goes on to describe the latest series of political hacks that communist democrats want in the courts. Attorneys for the Southern Poverty Law Center and others.

What a mess.

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