Can American intervention stop the violence in the occupied West Bank? | Israeli-Palestinian conflict

From: Inside Story

Israel plans to step up its military attacks on Palestinians across the occupied West Bank.

Israeli forces have been carrying out night attacks on the occupied West Bank for months.

This has led to repeated clashes and the deaths of more than 45 Palestinians and at least 11 Israelis so far this year.

Israel says the military strikes are meant to stop attacks on Israelis, but the Palestinians see it as another example of their violent occupation.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his government would step up those night raids.

So what will stop the bloodshed?

Leader: Mohammed Jamjoom


David Pollock – Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Beth Miller – Political Director at Jewish Voice for Peace Action

Khaled Elgindy – senior associate at the Middle East Institute

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