Can Nathaniel Hackett really bring Aaron Rodgers to NYC?

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
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Nathaniel Hackett should be honored this year at the NFL Honors ceremony with the game’s most shy player. Within 12 months, Hackett had persuaded two NFL franchises to hire him. He the Denver Broncos were convinced he was worthy of being a head coach and failed miserably. Now Hackett reportedly talked the Jets into hiring him because of his “relationship” with Aaron Rodgers. As if he has the power to persuade Rodgers to leave the safe, comfortable confines of Green Bay for New York and that cranky media market.

If the Jets hired Hackett just to help them trade for the four-time MVP, they could be in for a rude awakening when that doesn’t happen. Then the Jets will be stuck with Hackett coordinating the offense and calling the plays with Zach Wilson under center. To the outside world, it would be a comedy. For the Jets team and fans, not so much.

Half the soccer world seems to want to Rodgers follows following in the footsteps of his Packers predecessor, Brett Favre. Rodgers not exactly made for the prying eye of the New York media. Green Bay is the safest place for Aaron because he can say what he wants without much harassment. The same goes for the organization that allowed him to walk around their facility unvaccinated for almost an entire season. Everyone made it possible in Green Bay.

The reality of the situation

The Packers are free to trade him wherever they want, but A-Rod will likely have an impact on his final destination. Well, if Favre’s plan is indeed followed, this won’t be the last stop for Rodgers. If he does it like Favre, he’ll end up in Minnesota and end his career.

Seriously, I wouldn’t count on Rodgers landing with the Jets. Hackett was given the second coordinator job after going down in Denver as the main man. Although Hackett was with Rodgers for a few good years in Green Bay, no one gives him much credit for that success. And just because it happened there doesn’t mean it will translate to NYC.

Imagine the consequences if Nathaniel can’t Hackett and bring in Rodgers to the Jets. In the first week of the 2023 season, the Jets would put Wilson on the field with Hackett calling the players. That will be hilarious.

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