Can Woobat be great in Pokemon GO? (February 2023)

The Woobat is a flying/psychic bat in Pokemon GO, and it evolves into a creature known as the Swoobat. However, some trainers might be curious if the Pocket Monster has a shiny form available.

Fortunately for coaches, the answer is yes. Woobat’s shiny form was announced during Pokemon GO Fest 2022. This means that wherever players can encounter Woobat, they have the potential to spot its shiny form.


Woobat’s shiny form has a green fur color compared to the usual blue color. It will not lose this greenish hue when it evolves into a Swoobat.

If Pokemon GO players are looking for a good chance to grab a great Woobat, they’re in luck. Woobat’s Spotlight Hour is the next event on the February events calendar.

How to catch a great Woobat during the next Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Woobat and Swoobat's awesome forms in Pokemon GO (Image via GoPokeSteve/YouTube)
Woobat and Swoobat’s awesome forms in Pokemon GO (Image via GoPokeSteve/YouTube)

The next Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour event will be held from 18:00 to 19:00 on February 14, 2023. During this time, Woobat will appear more frequently in the wild to the point where trainers may not find many other Pokemon. This is perfect for glow hunters, as more Woobat encounters mean more chances to find its glow form in the wild.

An hour is certainly not a lot of time to find a great variant. However, this event still represents the best opportunity to hunt Woobat exclusively for a long time and without much searching.


If coaches want to prepare for the upcoming Spotlight Hour, there are a few things they’ll want to do. Most notable is collecting Pokeballs, Incense, and standard Lure Modules while also finding a location with a high population density to ensure continuous spawning.

However, simply participating should yield more than a few encounters with Woobat during the event. Woobat’s shiny form takes a bit of luck to find in the wild, even with boosted spawns.

In the event that Pokemon GO players are using incense and bait modules, it is wise to keep moving while they are active. Movement ensures that all new occurrences on the overworld map appear on the player’s screen and refresh when necessary. Movement also increases the overall effectiveness of the incense depending on how far the trainer moves.

Furthermore, as long as Trainers remain near a Pokestop with a Lure Module attached, they will not miss spawns attracted to the stop via the Lure.


In addition to the increased appearance of Woobats during this event, Trainers will also receive double Stardust when they catch any pocket monster during Spotlight Hour. Even if they miss the shiny Woobat, copious amounts of Woobat candies and Stardust can be a nice consolation prize, if nothing else.

Stardust can even come in handy in trading scenarios, and players can even trade for a shiny Woobat if they fail to catch one. With the next Spotlight Hour so close to kicking off, it only makes sense that more than a few coaches will receive a shiny Woobat during the event.

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