Charles Barkley criticizes Skip Bayless for his rude comments about LeBron James and Shannon Sharpe

NBA legend Charles Barkley is not known to back down from any challenge and is brave enough to share his honest thoughts on various matters. Barkley’s popular opinion is that he hates celebrity analyst Skip Bayless for reasons he revealed with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on All The Smoke.

Barkley finally shared why he couldn’t stand Bayless when he appeared as a guest on All The Smoke. Chuck explained that Skip’s disrespect for LeBron James and Shannon Sharpe is one of the main reasons why he doesn’t like the latter.

“Skip, these guys are real people to me. And I don’t mind you criticizing the guys, it can never be personal. One thing I hate about the media, you can tell the guys what they like and what they don’t. You can’t talk about those to people on television. You have to be fair and honest with people. You can tell who he likes, you can tell who he doesn’t like, because he makes it personal. Like, you can’t say bad things about LeBron James. . . that’s impossible, Barkley said.

“Skip’s disrespect for him, I don’t like it. The way he treats Shannon [Sharpe], I clearly hate. Tom Brady is the GOAT, we get it. First of all, this guy is in the Hall of Fame, won three Super Bowls, and didn’t cut liver. It is so rewarding. The way he made money and made a living, I have a problem with that.”


“Because if you make it to the pros, you’re a damn good player. I tell people, ‘Hey, is everybody LeBron or KD?’ No. But the No. 12 guy on an NBA team, his journey is incredible.”

Chuck has said on several occasions during the live stream that he doesn’t like Bayless. Whether he’s doing Inside the NBA or not, he has to say how he feels about Skip. Meanwhile, the latter hasn’t expressed much reaction to the hate he’s been getting from the 1992-92 MFA.


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Stephen A. Smith disagrees with Charles Barkley’s position on workload management

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors - Game Seven
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors – Game Seven

Last week, Charles Barkley shared his thoughts on players choosing to sit out games due to workload management. Famed sports analyst Stephen A. Smith disagrees 100% with Chuck and shared why he thinks the players aren’t the only ones to blame for this practice.

“I don’t completely agree with Charles Barkley on this one. It’s not all the players’ fault. There are teams that encourage players to do this as well. You have management and ownership that put a heavy hand on the strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, etc. And the players’ attitude out every now and then,” Smith said.

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