China is now covering Project Veritas’ investigation of Pfizer

The Global Times, a Chinese state-linked news outlet, recently wrote an article asking why the US media and politicians are ignoring the recent undercover Project Veritas video in which Pfizer’s R&D director admits that Pfizer is “mutating” COVID through “Directed Evolution”?

The article detailed the recent undercover Project Veritas video of Pfizer CEO Jordon Trishton Walker and pointed out that the US media is not covering the story because “they are not ‘telling the truth’, they are profit oriented.”

Halfway through the article, however, the Global Times credits Tucker Carlson for covering the story.

The Global Times wrote that Tucker is a “rarity” among American media outlets and praised the Fox News host for calling out pharmaceutical companies for their massive spending on lobbying Congress.

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The Global Times wrote:

Is Pfizer really manipulating COVID-19 for profit and doing it in secret? How far has research come? What risks will it bring? The public naturally has many questions and is looking for answers. However, most of the American and Western mainstream media and American politicians have been collectively silent on the problem revealed in the video. This is quite unusual in the American public opinion known for its diversity.

The authenticity of this video has yet to be confirmed. In the face of public suspicion, shouldn’t the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), lawmakers and the media conduct further investigations and provide an explanation to the public?

Unlike the mainstream media, The Gateway Pundit reported the story as soon as James O’Keefe released the bombshell video.

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