China’s message to the world

The balloon show over the US shows the great weakness of the Biden administration. But the deeper message is that China is telling the world that it owns Biden and therefore runs the US.

On July 1, 2022, President Xi of China arrived in Hong Kong for a celebration. TGP reported this event. It was the 25th anniversary since the United Kingdom handed over Hong Kong to China, President Xi visited Hong Kong and claimed that after 2-3 years of protests and brutal arrests of protesters and suppression of press freedom, this is the beginning of true democracy in Hong Kong.

Every year on this date (July 1), millions march in Hong Kong to protest against China’s takeover of this tiny country. But not this year. Anti-China protests are now violently prevented.

TRENDY: LATEST: Pentagon shoots down Chinese spy balloon after hovering over US with Biden’s full approval (VIDEO)

After 2-3 years of brutal and violent crushing of protesters and the COVID mandate, China is now firmly in power. This happened while using COVID to quietly disenfranchise Hong Kong citizens.

Reports of Xi’s arrival were mixed. Along with Xi came a category 3 typhoon.

In his speech, Xi teased the following:

There is no country or region in the world where the citizens would allow those who are not patriots, and even traitors, to get hold of political power.”

We asked if this is a reference to China ignoring the rights of the people of Hong Kong and violently pushing for a Chinese takeover, or is this a reference to the Biden regime that appears to be under the leadership of China and is working against the American people on a daily basis?

This week we got an answer.

China sent a balloon over the US. What did the Biden regime do?

Biden allowed the balloon to fly over American airspace and did nothing!

Last night Biden read a speech where Biden spent 25 minutes attacking MAGA Republicans and lying about the US economy.

Biden also boasted about all the time he spent with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the years.

But he didn’t say a word about the Chinese spy balloon currently hovering over the United States.

“I spent a lot of time with Xi Jinping when I was vice president the last couple of years and Barack asked me to spend time with him because we knew he was going to be president,” Biden said. “I traveled 17,000 miles. I have met with him more than any other world leader – over 80 hours now – 68 of which have been in person. Just me and the translator and him and his translator.”

Biden claimed he was looking across the Tibetan Plateau with Xi Jinping when he asked Biden to define America in one word. – “Possibilities” – said Biden.

What are the chances of this ever happening?

The Biden administration is ignoring the Chinese spy balloon flying over the US as if it isn’t happening.

This is Biden’s policy – ignore and lie.

When Hunter’s laptop was discovered, the Biden gang lied about it and labeled it a Russian operation and ignored it. The American media listened. This week they finally admitted it was Hunter’s.

When the most unpopular presidential candidate in history stole the most votes in history in the 2020 election, the Biden gang ignored the facts and the media listened. Biden and his gang then arrested innocent Americans who were protesting against the certification of an election that could not be certified.

When the economy is falling apart because of Biden’s policies, he lies and says it’s great. They say inflation was with us before Biden took office.

This week, Biden ignores a foreign flying object over the US. Our pilot friend says Biden must have approved.

LATEST: Biden must have approved Chinese flight over US – according to ex-RAF pilot and commercial pilot

This makes sense because Biden’s reaction is to ignore it. A foreign invasion and Biden is mumbling his way through another speech he’s trying to read calling out most Americans.

Every action the Biden administration has taken has helped China.

Name one act Biden has taken that China doesn’t like. For more than two years, Biden has been meeting China’s demands.

China should be held accountable for the COVID crisis that has led to loss of life and economic hardship for millions across the country and the world. But nothing from Biden. He doesn’t mention Biden.

Day after day, Biden’s actions demoralize good Americans who work hard and love God and America.

China must run the show. This balloon is China’s message to the world that they own Biden, and thus the US.

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