DeSantis gets expanded powers and more money to send illegal immigrants to blue states

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke to the Miami Police Benevolent Association on Thursday.

Elected Republicans in Florida are not letting the border policies of the Biden administration destroy their state.

Florida’s House of Representatives has voted to give Florida Governor Ron DeSantis greater authority to move illegal immigrants to any state in the country.

The law establishes the Program for Unauthorized Transportation of Aliens – and allocates $10 million for it.

The bill now heads to DeSantis’ desk where he is expected to sign it.

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The Epoch Times reported:

Florida lawmakers approved an expansion of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ relocation program for illegal immigrants, giving him the authority to transport such individuals from anywhere to anywhere in the country, including blue states.

In a special session, the Florida House of Representatives voted along party lines on February 10 to expand DeSantis’ efforts to relocate unauthorized immigrants located in any state to any jurisdiction in the United States.

The bill establishes the Unauthorized Alien Transportation Program within the Department of Emergency Management, expanding a program DeSantis enacted last year that allowed officials to transport illegal immigrants to blue states that have sanctuary policies.

In addition to specifically giving DeSantis transportation authority, the bill also appropriates $10 million for the program, while also stating that money spent in the past on immigrant resettlement efforts is “deemed appropriated.” This strengthens the governor’s position in the face of possible legal challenges.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Blaise Ingoglia said, “The state of Florida is not, nor will it ever be, a sanctuary state. It’s time for those sanctuary cities to put their money where their mouth is.”

Fox 13 reports:

The bill’s sponsor in the Senate, Republican Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, said it would only carry migrants who voluntarily want to go to sanctuary cities and states.

“The federal government has not only failed, it has refused to take any action to address the over 200% increase in border encounters,” said state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill). “In fact, this administration has taken steps to make the problem worse. The state of Florida is not, nor will it ever be, a sanctuary state. It’s time for those sanctuary cities to put their money where their mouth is.”

Every red state should follow suit!

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