Donald Trump reverses CNN’s decision to bring in ‘wacky’ Bill Maher, says only one person can save CNN

CNN is trying everything to increase its viewership. Nothing works.

They even decided to bring in Bill Maher.

The first episode failed.

The Western Journal reported:

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Ratings-challenged CNN brought HBO’s Bill Maher into its Friday night lineup last week and still managed to be crushed by Fox News anchor Greg Gutfeld.

Viewership from 11:30 PM ET to 11:44 PM ET on Friday showed that the HBO host failed to make an impact in either total viewers or the key 25-54 demographic sought by advertisers.

Maher’s segment drew just 401,000 viewers on CNN and just 92,000 in the demo, according to Nielsen.

In contrast, at the same time, “Gutfeld!” attracted more than 2 million viewers – and 370,000 in the demo.

In a post on Truth Social, Donald Trump said Bill Maher suffers from the same problem as CNN, “BAD RATINGS!”

He also added that he was the only one who could fix CNN’s bad ratings.

Social truth:

So Ratings Challenged, FAKE NEWS CNN, which just had its lowest and worst numbers in history, wants to give wacky liddle’ Bill Maher a chance to bring them back to normal “bad” when Bill Maher suffers from the same disease as CNN — BAD RATINGS! How’s that for a television “program?” In fact, there is only one person who can save CNN — he did it for 6 years — “TRUMP,” but he is not available, he will WIN the presidency for the THIRD time, and save our country from going to HELL!

If CNN published the truth, their ratings might increase!

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