Dozens killed in a bomb attack on a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan In the images of the News

An explosion inside a mosque killed at least 32 people and injured around 150 others in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, a government official said, adding that many of the victims were policemen who had gathered for midday prayers.

The mosque is located inside a compound that includes the headquarters of the provincial police force and the counter-terrorism department, Peshawar police chief Ijaz Khan said on Monday.

The possibility of a suicide bomber cannot be ruled out, he said, adding that traces of explosives were found in the mosque.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast that ripped through the packed mosque, causing a wall to collapse.

The building is located in a highly fortified part of the city. At least 260 people were inside, police official Sikandar Khan said.

“Part of the building has collapsed and several people are believed to be under it,” he added.

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