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Dr. John Huber’s TripSitter.Clinic to Revolutionize the Use of Ketamine for Mental Health Conditions

By / Published on Sunday, 07 Feb 2021 08:25 AM / Comments Off on Dr. John Huber’s TripSitter.Clinic to Revolutionize the Use of Ketamine for Mental Health Conditions / 49 views

Over the last year, there has been a large uptick in the importance of mental health as a result of unprecedented times, induced by the global pandemic, political disarray and more. While depression, PTSD and other mental health conditions have been a topic of conversation in the last 12 months, one esteemed mental health professional has been investigating new solutions to treat and manage mental health conditions for more than five years now. Dr. John Huber, a clinical forensic psychologist and Chairman of Mainstream Mental Health, has been seeking new alternatives to traditional mental health pharmaceutical drugs by way of ketamine. Primarily known for its use as an anesthetic, for years, ketamine has only been used for surgeries. But in the last 30 years, there has been a small, subtle movement of research that has provided evidence that normalizes the use of ketamine for depression, PSTD, chronic pain and other conditions.

In the last decade, the FDA authorized use of ketamine through a nasal spray, but after years of research, Dr. Huber has found that intravenously administered ketamine is far more effective in treating these mental conditions. Through his recently launched virtual clinic, TripSitter.Clinic, Dr. Huber has been instrumental in helping hundreds of patients explore psychotherapeutic alternatives through ketamine to treat various mental health conditions. The idea behind the use of ketamine is to disrupt pharmaceutical norms that encourage taking prescribed daily pills. But with Dr. Huber’s research, he is revealing how beneficial it is to forego daily meds and instead, replace them with a ketamine psychedelic treatment.

“We want people to have a psychedelic experience,” Dr. Huber says. “But there’s so much more to it than what one might think. We take body weight, alcohol use, metabolism, cannabis use, drug sensitivity levels all into account when prescribing ketamine for depression and other mental health conditions. There’s an art to it.”

Over the last 30 years, Yale researchers have been some of the biggest advocates for exploring the benefits and other uses of ketamine pertaining to mental health treatment. And one thing in particular the research has revealed has been ketamine’s ability to show an immediate effect on conditions like depression, PTSD and more.

Blazing the trail for the use of ketamine to improve mental health conditions, Dr. Huber’s TripSitter.Clinic has been largely recognized for its work in treating patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, agoraphobia and more. As an industry leader in the mental health sector, Dr. Huber’s TripSitter.Clinic is set to change the landscape of the business irrevocably.

To learn more about TripSitter.Clinic and Dr. Huber, visit their website.

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