“Enemy of the people”

New Hampshire Republicans are offering a resolution at the state convention Saturday to censure Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell made funding for Ukraine his top priority last year. Not only did Mitch forget about funding Republican Senate candidates, he openly vilified Republicans while funding terrible independent candidate Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. Mitch is truly an enemy of the people.

Mark Levin criticizes Mitch McConnell for ignoring and stifling grassroots Republican candidates – “We have great candidates”

Never forget what those Republican senators think of you electing Mitch McConnell to continue leading the Republican minority in the Senate.

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The New Hampshire Deplorables sent this to The Gateway Pundit on Friday.

Jim, I wanted to make sure you saw these two resolutions that will be offered at the NH state convention by the Deplorables group. The Gateway Pundit report gets a good mention there. All the best, I love you on WarRoom, Lou

This is the resolution they hope to pass on Saturday.

Pay particular attention to the second statement listed below.

The New Hampshire Deplorables also want to condemn any Republican who supports or attends the anti-American World Economic Forum.

President Trump is expected to speak at the New Hampshire state convention on Saturday.

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