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Exclusive: Vogue Paris EIC Emmanuelle Alt On Her Favorite Models Right Now

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 19:55 PM / Comments Off on Exclusive: Vogue Paris EIC Emmanuelle Alt On Her Favorite Models Right Now / 66 views

Vogue Paris continues to be in a league of their own when it comes to producing first-rate content month after month. The magazine’s now longtime (where did the time go?) EIC Emmanuelle Alt tells us a few of her secrets and why she continues to put models on the cover.  

You are clearly smitten with Rianne van Rompaey. What is it about her look that you love so much? Is she your new muse?
Very well noticed! Rianne is not only a beauty, she also has a great personality! She is enthusiastic, interactive, and charismatic. You can tell she really adores her job. Rianne manages to interpret all types of characters from romantic to punk, sporty to hippie… As I’m sure you’ve been able to see in the past issues of Vogue Paris.

Why did the idea of evoking Woodstock and its hippie crowd feel right for the world we are living in today?
From a purely stylistic point of view, the bohemian style reminds me of the coolness of the seventies. There is a huge resonance between the seventies and today where our individual freedom is contrived and our movements are stopped due to this global pandemic. Therefore, quite simply, we terribly miss the freedom, solidarity and love that depicted that era.

Vogue Paris still puts models on the covers where many magazines still rely on celebrities for newsstand sales. Why is it important for you to feature models?
It’s a signature for Vogue Paris and we have been doing this for many years. Punctually, we have put actresses on the cover of Vogue Paris, but the models that we put on our covers are also real celebrities in their own way. It is also because Vogue Paris is a true fashion magazine.

Besides Rianne, who are some of your favorite models right now?
The model with whom we work the most with at the moment is Malika Loubak. She is a new model whose charisma is already set. She is on the cover of our September issue as well as in a fashion story in October and you will see her in our pages in February 2021.

This year has found new ways for all of us to do our jobs differently. What have you enjoyed about working remotely and what has been the biggest pain?
It is not a question of comfort or pain but most importantly a global dramatic sanitary situation which we are all confronted with. We have had to think of new ways to express ourselves visually, even rethinking how we construct the concept of a fashion shoot. Due to the restrictions, we were obliged to think differently, to adapt, and change our way of elaborating the magazine, which has challenged us and has made us take a few creative risks—like the closeup of the swimsuit on our July issue, which was a huge success!

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