FAA Closes Montana Airspace to NORAD Activities (Updated: Reopened)

The FAA issued a NOTAM Saturday night closing the airspace over part of Montana Saturday night.

“UPDATE – FAA statement says: “The FAA has closed a portion of airspace in Montana to support Department of Defense activities. Contact NORAD for additional information.”

WUSA-TV reporter Adam Longo issued the NOTAM:

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FlightRadar24 image:

Avion Ian posted on YouTube:

“Two F-15 fighters took off from Portland International Airport on Saturday night. Shortly after the flight took off, the FAA issued a temporary flight ban over Havre, MT, in support of the air defense mission. This follows a similar pattern to the earlier decline today in Canada, and the previous decline in Alaska and before that in South Carolina.”

UPDATE: Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) appears to have said the government told him they would wait until the morning to remove the item:

“I am in direct contact with NORCOM and follow the latest issues around Havre and the northern border. The airspace is closed due to an object that could disrupt commercial air traffic — DOD will continue efforts to observe and land the object in the morning.”

FlightRadar24 reports that the TFR has expired and the airspace has reopened (Confirmation Requested):

However, it reports that two airports in Montana are closed to flights (Confirmation Requested):

UPDATE 8:50 PM EST: Fox News Confirms Reopening of Airspace:

Shortly afterward, the FAA said the airspace had reopened, but did not provide additional details.

“The FAA has closed a portion of airspace in Montana to support Department of Defense activities,” an FAA spokesman said. “The airspace has reopened.”

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), who apparently has no connection as a Rosendale representative, “I am aware of the facility in Montana airspace and remain in close contact with senior DOD and administration officials. I am following the situation closely and regularly receive updates. I will continue to look to the American public for answers.”

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