Fans are reacting to the newly released GTA Online Downtown Cab Co T-shirt

GTA 6 is still a mystery, however, fans seem to have discovered its first official teaser in the latest GTA Online weekly update.

Rockstar has finally added Downtown Cab Co. Collar shirt that was previously leaked as a reward for Taxi Work in the game. Noted insider Gaming Detective recently tweeted that this new outfit is “one of our first official GTA 6 teases” yet. The shirt attracted attention due to its unrecognizable location in the printed design.

It looks like fans have found the first official GTA 6 teaser in GTA Online

Downtown Cab Co. The Revere Collar shirt that was leaked a few weeks ago has been released in GTA Online. Mark my words, this is one of our first official GTA 6 teases.#GTA #RockstarGames

As seen in the tweet above, Gaming Detective reported that the new Downtown Cab Co. shirt. finally published. Based on their research, they claimed it was one of Rockstar’s GTA 6 teases.

Many fans jumped into the discussion and shared their thoughts on the topic. Here are some of the best reactions from the community to the newly announced taxi rewards:

@taj1detektiv3 @GTABase It just looks more like the artist was a bit lazy, especially with the fact that he has a Vic crown instead of a real Stainer

@taj1detektiv3 why this shirt this week when i can’t login to get it on my computer

The shirt has been appearing on the internet for the past month. On December 19, 2022 Gaming Detective first shared the shirt as an unreleased item. In their report, they pointed out that the skyline in the object’s background design is different from Los Santos. When someone pointed out that it looked like Mount Chiliad, the insider stated:

“I believe the horizon line with the mountain behind it is a South American location from the next… game.”

It is quite difficult to confirm if this is the actual Grand Theft Auto 6 game or just another art design choice. Rockstar has not officially acknowledged this as a tease, but as one of the new Taxi Work rewards for players.

New taxi rewards added with recent weekly update


The new Grand Theft Auto Online update added the concept of limited-time Taxi Work rewards, which allow players to earn extra cash and collect rare cosmetic items. During February 8, 2023, they can fulfill the following conditions to win these prizes:

  • Owning a purchasable “Taxi” vehicle – Downtown Cab Co. shirt. Revere Collor
  • Complete 1 taxi job – $100,000 cash
  • Earn $20,000 with Taxi Jobs – Extra $100,000 in Cash
  • Earn $40,000 With Taxi Jobs – Mustard Vinyl/Mustard Vinyl Jackets With $100,000 Cash

Exclusive rewards for Taxi Work for Xbox Series S/X and PS5:

  • Earn $20,000 with Taxi Jobs – Manor Geo Track Pants
  • Earn $40,000 with Taxi Jobs – Manor Geo Hoodie and Cap

While the next game is still a long way off, fans can find more possible teases in the future.

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