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@fashionweekfrog Is the Funniest Instagram Account of NYFW

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 10 Sep 2019 23:54 PM / Comments Off on @fashionweekfrog Is the Funniest Instagram Account of NYFW / 8 views

Every once in a while an Instagram account comes along that so perfectly captures the true essence of what it means to live and work in this crazy industry of ours that… oh… I don’t know!

Look, I’m gonna level with you here. I’m tired. Like, bone tired. I feel like the walking dead. So even though I would love to write something witty and breezy, I just don’t have it in me. I can’t. So this is gonna be down and dirty. Because it is Fashion Week and just like the rest of you, I have been running on fumes for days at this point and I simply have nothing left to give. At least, nothing pretty. Nothing refined. Nothing written with ease and subtlety. Not any more.

So here’s the deal: an editor friend of mine — we’ll call her “Dora” (because that’s her name) — sent me this account and said I absolutely HAD to write about it. Being a stubborn and willful Aries, I was instantly prepared to hate the account and reject her idea out of hand. But then I read a few of the memes and… oh man… they were just so real! Like this one:

Been there. Been there so many times. I always move up because everyone knows you can only capture decent content from the front row, but I always feel a little dirty. Well, actually, I barely go to any shows these days — I prefer to camp out at my desk and work on my computer — but you know what I mean.

Here’s another good one:

At this point, I know better than to show up to anything I have not been expressly invited to by the head of PR, but, again, so real.

There is one post on the account that is so real I can’t post it here, but I bet you can guess which one it is. And if you’re and editor, you can certainly relate.


And I don’t wear high heels, but I feel a definite kinship with this one (I don’t think kinship is the right word, but I have a headache from staring at my screen all day, so I’m not going back and finding a new word. It’s onward no mater what!):

So, yeah. The account only has 17 posts so far, but they are all perfect. Do yourself a favor and follow them.

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