FIFA 23 Player Moments Carlos Vela SBC

The Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC is now live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, offering players the chance to add another special MLS card to their squads. This Squad Building Challenge, announced on February 9th, comes after a leak predicted it would arrive on February 8th. Players can now complete the tasks that come with this inclusion to earn a special card, along with in-game bonus packs.

Now let’s take a look at all the requirements that are part of this Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC in FIFA 23. This will allow readers to estimate the total amount of coins that will be required to obtain the food required to complete the challenge. This will also help players determine the value of this challenge and decide if they should complete it.

Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC could be a useful addition for FIFA 23 players managing MLS-based teams


EA Sports has kept things simple with the Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC, as it only comes with two tasks. Both have their own conditions that must be met. Still, the requirements assigned don’t seem very difficult and shouldn’t be too much of a problem for FIFA 23 players.

Task 1 – Top Form

  • IF players: Min. 1
  • Team rating: Min. 82
  • Number of players in the team: 11

Task 2 – Squad with a rating of 83

  • Team rating: Min. 83
  • Number of players in the team: 11

The Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC is undoubtedly one of the easiest additions made to FIFA 23 when it comes to special challenges. It will cost around 40,000 FUT coins to complete, making inclusion a very cheap option in terms of fodder. What’s more, players can further reduce that cost by using fodder from their own collection, saving more coins for alternative uses in the process.

Starting February 9, the Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC is available for one week, and players can redeem weekly rewards in it. Part of the eligible food from such bonuses can be used to unlock a special card for less coins. This method will not only help players save their coins, but also increase the final prize value.

Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC special card statistics

After completing the challenge, all FIFA 23 players will unlock the Player Moments version of Carlos Vela. The Mexican soccer player has revitalized his MLS career, and this special news is dedicated to one of the highlights of his career. As such, it naturally comes with a decent overall look and a few interesting power-ups.

  • Total: 88
  • Tempo: 92
  • Shooting: 86
  • Passage: 85
  • Dribbling 91
  • Defence: 37
  • Physicality: 75


The card has a base position of LW, but can also be played as a CAM or striker with the use of position modifiers. There are certain limitations associated with this item, such as its three star Weak Foot. Both his shooting and passing stats also have room for improvement.

These problems can be solved by using the appropriate chemistry styles in FIFA 23. Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC is quite affordable, and its limitations are overcome by its low completion cost.

2023 has been a busy time for players in terms of special challenges that reward unique cards. Such inclusions have allowed a large part of the community to constantly improve their squads without having to spend a lot of coins on the FUT market. Unlike the act of opening a package, there’s no reliance on luck with such SBCs as Carlos Vela Moments, and players can gauge rewards before investing, which is another plus.

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