Gun rights in Joe Biden’s America

Are gun rights increasing or decreasing in Joe Biden’s America? And what about armed violence?

Last June, the Supreme Court struck down a New York law barring people from carrying guns outside their homes, the latest in a growing list of court decisions and policy changes that have expanded Second Amendment rights in recent decades.

Just days later, President Joe Biden signed into law “the most significant gun measure to free up Congress in nearly three decades,” and continues to join advocates for stricter gun control in calling for a ban on so-called assault weapons in a country where mass shootings and crime are becoming major political issues.

Join ReasonNick Gillespie this Thursday at 1:00pm Eastern for a live discussion on the current state of gun rights, Biden’s “plan to end our epidemic of gun violence” and the defensive use of guns by Americans. He will be joined by his own Reason colleague Jacob Sullum, a widely respected expert on gun issues, and Amy Swearer, a legal associate at the Heritage Foundation, where she maintains the group’s database on the defensive use of weapons, and author The essential second amendment.

Watch and leave questions and comments on the YouTube video above or on Reason’s Facebook page.

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